Rocking M Ranch Distillery

Rocking M Ranch Distillery owner, Tony Moore, is a man filled with love for bourbon… and he shares it with everyone he meets. Over the years he has studied the craft closely.

"I have studied the business pretty much from top to bottom. It’s part science, part art, and all pride. Every bottle we produce is a reflection of my family, so I know it has to be perfect." — Tony Moore

Moore built his distillery system from scratch with his son in the back woods of southern Clay County Texas. Moore has spent the past 5 years learning the science of distilleries. He and his wife have traveled around the United States visiting distilleries and attending schools to soak up knowledge and deliver it right here at home.

Rocking M Ranch Distillery makes every product from raw ingredients. We hand pick grains grown right here in Clay County and hand select the source of our fresh Texas well water. Before bottling, all of our bourbons must pass a quality taste test.

From Cowboys to Connoisseurs, we believe that everyone will love to drink the Spirit of Texas.